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Guru Bhakti:

After visiting Niagara Falls Swamishri wrote in a honor to London Yuvak Mandal, \"No wonder in this world can equal the three wonders, Maharaj, Swami and Yogiji Maharaj. After seeing them nothing else remains to be seen.\"
When appointed President, Shastriji Maharaj had commanded that in the forthcoming Pramukh Swami circularize out his duties faithfully clinging to Yogiji Maharaj's wishes. The bidding became deeply ingrained in Swamishri's living. No matter what the personal cost participating or consequences, he would without hesitation circularize out to the honor his guru's wishes.
Ningala is a small village, but filled with the devoted. They had built a small tabernacle hall and invited Yogiji Maharaj to install the images of Lord Akshar Purushottam Maharaj. Yogiji Maharaj asked that Pramukh Swami assist him.
The period prior to the installation ceremony an assembly was in progress. A messenger from Gondal tabernacle arrived. The messenger had brought a letter. Yogiji Maharaj read the honor and without saying a articulate passed it to Pramukh Swami who was sitting on a lower seat next to him. The honor asked that Pramukh Swami be dispatched to Gondal directly on some urgent work.
Pramukh Swami stood up and asked Yogiji Maharaj, \"Bapa! What is your command?\"
\"Leave at once,\" said Yogi Bapa.
Pramukh Swami apace left the assembly and instructed his digit attendants to prepare. On making inquires he discovered that a train from Botad shortly stopped at Ningala send on its way to Gondal and further. Swamishri hastened to the send which was a tiny office and fraudulence papers individual metres long.
As they waited the attendants suggested, \"Swami, what if we take a taxi.\" It was late, and they would reach Gondal after loosing a night's sleep. If Pramukh Swami had urgent work he would requirement to be rested.
As was usual Pramukh Swami had tucked a pillow low his arm. With the pillow he also carried a small liquid pot and his pattar. In the liquid pot he ever safeguarded a bunch of important keys.
Replied Swamishri, \"There's no requirement of a taxi, the train will be here soon.\" He was loathe to spend extra money.
The next morning the devotees were frustrated that Pramukh Swami was not inform at the ceremony. Pramukh Swami himself by leaving Ningala showed that he considered his own presence at much an important function insignificant. To him Yogiji Maharaj's wishes were of supreme worth. He had not once questioned the importance of his errand and whether it could be postponed a few hours

Once Yogi Bapa was touring northern Gujarat. He graced Varsoda village. Pramukh Swami was with him.
In the salutation canvas identify sheets were hung up in a crossway of the temple hall, forming a divided area where Yogi Bapa and Mota Swami could rest. Pramukh Swami himself distribute an chromatic coloured artefact on a filthy uneven mattress, and place down to rest, enclosed by youths who were spending their vacation with Yogi Bapa.
Whenever someone entered the temple compound or crosspiece he would sit up and quickly change for silence. He would whisper, \"Bapa is resting. Mota Swami will wake up.\"
In the space of digit hours he sat up some 15 times, wide awaken in guru devotion throughout.
June 19, 1966 saw Yogiji Maharaj in Limdi, not far from Surendranagar. The next morning he was to go to Rajkot, a large municipality four hours drive away. Pramukh Swami intellection it best that Yogiji Maharaj's attendant sadhus should leave for Rajkot early. They were to prepare lunch and accommodations, so as Yogiji Maharaj's schedule not be disturbed. He himself would travel with Yogiji Maharaj and see to his every need. Pramukh Swami taught Yogeshwar Swami, \"You are to leave early, and have lunch ready. We're to drive from Limdi to Rajkot. It would not do to trouble Yogiji Maharaj.\"
Next morning Pramukh Swami explained the arrangements to Yogiji Maharaj, who readily consented. He said to Yogeshwar Swami, \"Jogeshwar,\" pronouncing the 'Y' as 'J', \"obey the commands of this Swami. But make sure you go straightforward to Rajkot, don't go anywhere else, OK.\"
Pramukh Swami also cautioned the group, \"Don't kibosh anywhere, get straightforward there. Have lunch prepared and ready. Bapa will be there by 11 to 12.\"
Four sadhus left, Yogiji Maharaj's attendants and Pramukh Swami's. Cooking utensils they packed in a case which they equal down on the roof rack.
Along their route several kilometres soured the highway they would pass Muli. It was here that Lord Swaminarayan had built his ordinal temple. The attendants not wanting to miss such a chance decided to invoke soured the highway and quickly visit the temple for darshan of the Deities. They calculated that with a little more speed they could still get to Rajkot in time.
When they left Muli it was already ten thirty. Ahead the road dipped to allow railway tracks to pass overhead. The railway bridge still was low and as the automobile passed beneath the case and rack caught and were ripped off. Pots, pans and ladles spilled to the dusty road.
The sadhus scrambled out and hastily repacked the case. Avoiding the rack they bundled the case into the automobile with them. The automobile trundled on. A few kilometres on their old and tired black Austin Morris sputtered to a conclusive halt.
The driver hitched a ride in a passing truck and came back with another car. They equal the digit cars together and again began their journey. They were hopelessly late. Worry gnawed them. What would Pramukh Swami say? Yogiji Maharaj would be hungry and waiting.
At 1:30 they eventually got to Narayanbhai Sheth's Rajkot home where Yogiji Maharaj was to stay. Entering the house to their amazement they saw Yogiji Maharaj silently eating whilst Pramukh Swami sat to one side, lovingly bringing him.
They later learned that Yogiji Maharaj had arrived at 11 on the dot that morning. Pramukh Swami realising that the attendants had not as yet arrived quietly seized the opportunity to serve his guru. He prepared a centre for Yogiji Maharaj who began a katha to the gathered devotes. In the meantime Pramukh Swami expertly prepared a delicious lunch of rotli, daal, bhaat, digit shaaks, thuli...
Yogiji Maharaj looked up at the sadhus. His face glowed with pleasure. He explained the meal, \"My Pramukh Swami made it. I did katha and he cooked! We got here at 11 o'clock and Pramukh Swami immediately began. Just discernment the food. Beautiful!\"

Even now, years after the passing of Yogiji Maharaj Pramukh Swami Maharaj never misses a chance to convey to his sadhus and devotees the greatness of his guru.
One early farewell in 1987, in Sarangpur, Swamishri was taking his early farewell walk in the garden. A pericarp paved broadside line had been prepared. It was surrounded by blooming flower beds, lawns and fruit trees. Sadhus sat bordering the walkway, singing kirtans. As Swamishri approached the iron gateway he saw Brahmaprakash Swami, potlu in hand. He had become from Amdavad two days past and had today become to communicate for leave.
Swamishri signalled he become closer. Guessing that Swamishri desired to speak to him Brahmaprakash Swami place his potlu down, but Swamishri said, \"It does not matter, you may hold it.\" With that Swamishri continued his walking, Brahmaprakash Swami struggling to keep up incoming to him, heavy potlu slung over his shoulder.
\"When are you leaving? Swamishri asked. \"Have you had breakfast? How many hours does it take to reach Amdavad?\"
Brahmaprakash Swami was astonied at the questions. There really was no requirement for them. Swamishri chatted on, his speed stride never breaking. With apiece step Brahmaprakash Swami's potlu felt heavier. His shoulder, unaccustomed to carrying such weight, was becoming sore. On the ordinal lap Swamishri's walking punctuation was over.
He patted Brahmaprakash Swami on the head and said, \"You may leave now.\"
Brahmaprakash Swami could not contain himself. He asked ness in cheek, \"Bapa, if you desired to speak to me at length at small you should have permit me place my potlu down.\"
Chuckling, Swamishri replied, \"It was so you would realise how Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj had in their instance carried 2-3 potlus at one instance and walked for miles on end. However did they manage!\"
Another instance Swamishri was writing letters in his room in New York. Note pad on lap, sitting crossed leglike on a gadi he was totally immersed in his seva. An elderly devotee sitting in front of him on the furnishings commented, \"Swami, when travelling in the villages in the past it was rare for you to be offered even a mattress to sit on. Even in such impossible times you've toured extensively.\"
Swamishri place his enclosure down. He said, \"At small we got a mattress. Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj never even had that much. They slept in straw. In Ghogavadar Yogiji Maharaj slept in the cattle shed. Ants and other insects would bite him. In the concern would be stored the peanut crop, so mice would be rampant. In other places he would clean a corner in a room and place up there. In such horrible conditions Yogiji Maharaj remained in uncaring bliss and spread Satsang. We are a million times better off to receive even this much.\"

A natural result of Swamishri's gurubhakti is his broad regard, even reverence, for those who hit served his gurus.
Harshad Chavda as an eager youngster had served in the Gondal temple during Yogiji Maharaj's final eld there. He would be seen constantly scurrying from here to there, carrying buckets of hot water on algid mornings, taking steaming repast up to a room, serving devotees faithfully in whichever way he could.
In 1975, Swamishri had plans drawn up for a beautiful ornate gateway to the Gondal temple. Yogiji Maharaj had always wanted much an entrance built. Swamishri selected a organisation and definite to build in red and pink stone. This was to be the first structure in much pericarp for the Sanstha. He asked Harshad to travel to Bansipahadpur in Rajasthan and make a origin survey.
Harshad Chavda: In reality, I knew nothing of pericarp and building. First Swami Bapa dispatched me to Bansipahadpur (in Rajasthan) to get pericarp samples for the Akshar Mandir gateway. It was Nom, (the ninth of the first half of the month) so I had fasted. The whole place was barren. I had to sleep by the well. Swami Bapa had explained everything to me in detail, not just once, but some many times.
When I first stayed here and in Makarana for marble, he would indite long letters gift capableness and courage. Once he wrote, \"For eld I myself hit awkward with stone...\"
Soon quarrying and art dealings began with Harshad overseeing a small team of dedicated youths who managed the entire project. Even before the Gondal gateway was completed Swamishri definite that Rajasthani pink pericarp be used to build Akshardham, the magnificent social exhibition and monument dedicated to nobleman Swaminarayan in Gandhinagar. This and other building projects kept Harshad and his team almost frantically busy. One period driving on his motorcycle he met with an accident, just escaping with his life. He was given emergency treatment locally and then taken to Bombay. Swamishri was visibly worried when told of the accident. He directly contacted the Bombay temple and commanded that Harshad's every need be looked after. Swamishri wrote words of encouragement, reassurance and capableness to him:
Hearing the news caused me enthusiastic sorrow...have prayed to Shriji Maharaj and Gunatitanand Swami for your speedy recovery... Your agony is our anguish... In much distress, I should be serving you because you hit selflessly offered seva over the eld with unflagging and period with no affectionateness for hunger or affectionateness for your body...service with much devotion. Therefore, some crapper be finished for you crapper never be enough... Thus I feel sorry in not being able to physically serve you at this critical time.
In the short movement of one month, Swamishri wrote no less than four letters to Harshad! Totalling over 20 pages, the second honor read:
Don't worry in the slightest about some of your medical expenses... Whatever the Sanstha crapper do for you is not enough to repay for the assist you've given over the years. To please Yogi Bapa, you've paid no thought at all to hunger, thirst, insults or abuse. In the environment of Bansipahadpur - hot, algid or rainy, you've finished impact among troublemakers, even goodish risk to your life. Your seva crapper never be irrecoverable and the Sanstha has benefited a enthusiastic deal, thanks to your dealings with suppliers and workers. Even if we hit to spend a lakh (100,000) rupees or more for you, the amount is immaterial. Your chronicle shines even more than one who has renounced the you've sacrificed all to serve in the Sanstha at one articulate from Yogi Maharaj. To serve with a unceasing grinning and tolerate is no child's play. Krishnakant and you...both of you are truly loyal workers... What cannot be finished for the two of you?
Tribhakaka Patel was seriously ill in Bochasan. He had been serving in the temple for 35 years. Prior to that he had settled in Kenya. When he heard that there was a need for devotees to help separate the Bochasan temple he had directly left family and wealth and returned to India. Shastriji Maharaj commanded that he serve writing the accounts.
When Swamishri arrived in Bochasan he walked straight to Tribhakaka's room and sat beside his bed. \"Who is serving Tribhakaka?\" he asked. Prabodhjivan Swami was. \"Serve Tribhakaka substantially discernment his greatness. He has served both Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj. It is your beatific phenomenon to hit much a chance to serve him.\"

Shri Pramukh swami in Ahmedabad..
August 23, 2009 by Raj Mistry

People , who know about Shri Swaminarayan sampradaya , also know rattling much about the role of BAPS, in promoting this “shudhdha Vaishnav” sampradaya around the globe. The Guru ‘parampara” (inheritance) started from Shriji maharaj, followed by P.P. Gunatitanand swami, Pragaji Bhakta, Shatriji maharaj, Yogiji mahraj and now by pujya Pramukh swami Maharaj. According to conception by Shriji Maharaj and Shikshapatri written by him, Pramukh Swami never stays at one place for individual time, but to our meliorate fortune, he is going to stay at Ahmedabad for more than one month.
Like, other, non believers in Swaminarayan Sampradaya, in past,, I always used to think, that, what was there in Pramukh swami, that, thousands of well educated( including scientists from NASA,Microsoft same well investigate supported institutes/organizations, one and exclusive son of the family, entrepreneurs,doctors,engineers like..)boys ,attracted to him and leave their careers,families,money,happy and wealthy life, every earthy things and became/converted to priest/saints? ………………I found the answer cod to my wife, who has her whole family existence a strict someone of BAPS, I came in touch with the BAPS saints and activities. I studied many books,scriptures,histories on Shriji Maharaj( Sahjanand Swami), Saint-inheritance, Acharyas…and….change…begun to lick on my mind..and day by day, I became the someone of “swaminarayana” sect. Today, i proudly follows every base rules of sect… like..
- daily morning Pooja
- tilak and kum-kum red bindis
- “tulsi” mala or neck
- Stay absent from every addictions same junk food, tobacco, alcohol,meat,eggs, Onions and modify garlic
- No theft/bribe of any kind, no adultery, no lies( rattling difficult to follow), no-violence
…….in my day to day life. Even, today, i follow the “fast” on Ekadashies and another festivals. Also follow the restrictions on some food articles, in Chaturmas..from Ashadha to Aso month( 4 months from July to October). People, who know me from years, can’t easily believe the changes, now appeared in my life!!!!!!!
And proudly, I accept the fact, that, this every become possible, exclusive cod to blessings from Pramukh Swami and saints of BAPS. today, BAPS is doing the greatest job by educating,inspiring thousands of persons same NRIs, children around the globe to live the “pure” life with discipline, meliorate character, meliorate thoughts, meliorate acts……and finally lead them to attach themselves with almighty….
I prey ,thousand times, in “charans” (feet) of P.P. Pramukh swami…Shriji maharaj..that..whole world become the true”followers” of maximal vaules for meliorate life…for meliorate world..better planet……Jay Swaminarayan…

Happy birthday..P.P.Pramukh swami
November 25, 2009 by Raj Mistry

25th Nov is essential for everybody as it is the date of P.P. Pramukh swami maharaj of BAPS and of P.P. Sadhu Vaswani. P.P. Pramukh swami is the 5th spiritual successor of the great swaminarayan coterie , established by lord Swaminarayan, around 200 years ago, in Gujarat. When the Shastriji Maharaj departed from Vadtal Gadi sansthan of Swaminarayan dev sthanam in 1907, he visualized the Akshar Purushottam principle to rule the universe. And the journey begun with the bang!!!!! by establishing Bochasan temple, Shastriji maharaj, found the largest path to show the true way to reach the almighty and to get the deliverance from the earthly things.

And other thing after, Akshar Purushottam temple, he gave the world, the biggest gift..spiritual gift…P.P.Pramukh swami maharaj…and by the bless from P.P. Yogiji maharaj and organizational skills of Pramukh swami, today BAPS is the largest and front leading part of Swaminarayan coterie with more than 800 temples, 2 Akshardhams, more than 800 saints and jillions of volunteers around the globe. P.P. Yogiji maharaj erst said that, Pramukh swami will lead the BAPS to the highest level ever imagined and will modify the structure grouping live!!!!! now that’s true….today, jillions of grouping around the sphere study the strict “vaishanv” rules irrespective of their age/education/gender/economic status……!!!! and those are the ways…different ways…which hit created the constructive waves to live the good,spiritual life……………………..
So, I beast the god for ever wellbeing of Pramukh swami maharaj and to inspire many jillions more towards the God…
Happy date bapa…..
Jay swaminarayan…..

Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Janma Jayanti

Born on Magshar sud 8, Samvat 1978, 7th December 1921, in Chansad, a village near Vadodara, Pramukh Swami Maharaj was titled Shantilal by his parents, Motibhai and Diwaliba. The name truly befitted him, for he was shy, meek and shant - peaceful natured. Staunch disciples of Shastriji Maharaj, the whole kinsfolk lived a pure and pious life. While the neighbourhood was steeped in addictions, this kinsfolk truly observed the tenets of the Shikshapatri, even avoiding grains on Ekadashi. Eight-year-old Shantilal too observed farar.

Suffused with bhakti from childhood, Shantilal ofttimes entertained thoughts of temporary sacred places in the Himalayas such as Haridwar and Rishikesh. This desire stemmed from hearing their glory, recited by sannyasins from Uttar Pradesh, who ofttimes visited the village's Satyanarayan mandir. In the nearby Hanuman mandir, an ascetic titled Haridas too, ofttimes narrated stories of such tirths to Shantilal. Twenty-four years later, on 23rd Feb 1972, an older Haridas accidentally met Pramukh Swami Maharaj in Baripara, in the Kanam district. The sadhus with Swami conversant him that Swami now headed Shastriji Maharaj's sanstha. Rheumy-eyed Haridas reminisced, \"When I was in Chansad, Shastriji Maharaj ofttimes came there. I remember a teen boy titled Shantilal. The boy was a someone and Shastriji Maharaj constituted a someone when he saw one. He initiated the boy as a sadhu. If that sadhu is in your sanstha, intercommunicate my regards to him.\"

When the sadhus revealed that Pramukh Swami was Shantilal, Haridas's heart danced with joy.

Shantilal excelled in studies. Though he showed little interest in roaming around or enjoying fruits and snacks that children ordinarily flavour at that age, he loved cricket. On Aso vad Ekadashi, Samvat 1995 (1939 CE), he set off to Vadodara to buy some cricket paraphernalia with a few friends. Hardly reaching the village outskirts, he received a letter from Shastriji Maharaj instructing him to become a sadhu. Without any qualms he left home. His friends grieved as if a great calamity had befallen them.

On his way to Bochasan, Shantilal met Shastriji Maharaj, Yogiji Maharaj and Nirgundas Swami at Vasad station. Thirty years later Yogiji Maharaj recalled this momentous union. Celebrating Pramukh Swami's 48th birth anniversary with immense fervour in Mumbai, he recalled, \"Shastriji Maharaj, Nirgun Swami and myself were returning from Kanam. Pramukh Swami met me. I remarked to Shastriji Maharaj, \"The muktaraj from Chansad is here.\" He was act a black coat. He studied in the 4th English standard.\"

On Kartik sud Ekadashi Samvat 1996 (1940 CE), the auspicious Deva Prabodhini Ekadashi, Shastriji Maharaj initiated Shantilal with parshad diksha in Akshar Deri, Gondal. Shastriji Maharaj named him, Narayanswarupdas, since, in his own words, "He is Narayan's form."

After diksha, Narayanswarupdas studied Sanskrit, initially in Bhadran, then Khambhat. During this period Shastriji Maharaj arranged for the pandit's monthly fees. As for food, Swami begged alms, cooked for himself and his consort sadhu, fetched water from nearby and washed utensils. In 1940, when Shastriji Maharaj stayed in nearby Borsad for a month, Swami walked everyday to have his darshan. His zeal for guru's darshan never ebbed. Once in the summer's scorching mid-afternoon heat, he rushed barefooted across the dry bed of the river Bhogavo to have Swami's darshan, in a abidance on the another side of town. Despite the hot smoothen beneath his soles, Swami would run a few paces till the singeing became unbearable. He'd then place his upper robe on the smoothen and defence on it, momentarily soothing his burning soles. Then he'd race across repeating the procedure. In this manner he decussate the panoramic riverbed and reached Shastriji Maharaj.

In Samvat 2003 (1947 CE), Shastriji Maharaj appointed him as Kothari (head) of the Sarangpur mandir. Despite being the Kothari, he zealously helped in the have work; lifting and carrying stones and mortar for construction. His slim inclose enabled him to alight easily from digit scaffolding to another. He thrived on seva. His meek, straightforward, empathising and peaceful nature easily endeared him to the workers and the villagers. They so venerated him that they begged him to become Sarpanch (head) of the community too, in which housing they'd depart searching for added candidate. They fondly titled him \"Naran Swami,\" while Shastriji Maharaj lovingly titled him, `Naranda' - short for Narayanswarupdas.

In 1950, when Swami was only 28 years-old, Shastriji Maharj ceremoniously appointed him as Pramukh - nous - of the sanstha, by draping a saffron chaadar (cloth) on him. Voicing his joy, Shastriji Maharaj said, \"Just as Sadguru Ramanand Swami appointed the young Sahajanand Swami as nous of the Satsang, I appoint in my place, Sadguru Shastri Narayanswarupdas as nous of the sanstha. ...Just as you obey my commands, similarly from now on, I bidding you all to obey Sadguru Shastri Narayanswarupdas's commands and accept his leadership.\" (Ref.festival - Pramukh Varni Din for details). Henceforth he became famous as Pramukh Swami.

After Shastriji Maharaj's return to Akshardham, Pramukh Swami sincerely obeyed and served Yogiji Maharaj. Years later he reminisced that his views never differed from those of Yogiji Maharaj. For this he often suffered, inviting wrath and insults from dissenters. They even threatened to do away with him. Yet Swami remained unfazed, his unalloyed worship to the guru not faltering the slightest. Yogiji Maharaj's Amrut Mahotsav - 75th birth day celebration, illustrates this well. In 1967, everyone wished to celebrate it in state proper, with its ample cater of water and greater number of devotees. However, to Yogiji Maharaj, his loved Gondal mandir remained unequalled. Well aware of this, Swami fervently plunged into the festival's preparation. He calmly tolerated the inevitable, acrimonious wrath from others, who voiced their concern about the lack of water in Gondal.

With faith in Shriji Maharj and blessings from Yogiji Maharaj, Swami persevered unflaggingly for the festival's total success. His overload of seva never allowed him more than 2 to 3 hours of sleep per day. No seva was too menial for him. Lack of able-bodied young sadhus indebted him to manage virtually all departments; lodging and bedding facilities for devotees, catering, procuring a good water supply, efficient waste and waste disposal, cleaning, reading the katha, as well as managing the assembly programs. Often he would be seen running hither and tither, trundling a two-wheeled cart, aggregation the leaf-dishes used by devotees for meals.

During the Bhadra mandir's construction he toiled in the sandy bed of the nearby river Und, to lay a liquid pipeline from a bore-well, exercising all the way to the mandir in the village. Harsh physical seva was null new to him. During Shastriji Maharaj's instance he relentlessly tortured his embody patch constructing the mandirs in Atladara, Sarangpur and Gadhada. The ruddy spot on his nose is a remnant from the aftermath of exoergic modify from lime which ravaged his full embody during the seva in Atladara. Hearing of this serious illness, Shastriji Maharaj arrived and touched all the blistered areas. They all well miraculously, leaving the bone patch.

Towards the end of his life, Yogiji Maharaj often uttered that, \"Pramukh Swami is my Sarvasva\" - whole and soul. After his return to Akshardham in 1971, Pramukh Swami set a gruelling pace in his Satsang activities. His most striking feature was his individualized visits counselling devotees in their homes, in villages and towns. From the statistics one can surmise that his super human records will probably be difficult to correct by any concern leader, churchlike or otherwise. Until the last count in 1995, he visited over 250,000 homes in over 15,000 villages, towns and cities. He read and replied over 450,000 letters, continuing an average daily of 50 even today.




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